•  Size Medium, boot size US 7 - 10
  • FLEX
  • Flex Rating: 4 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff) – The perfect combination of playfulness and stability for park to peak and anywhere in between.
  • V-Rod Unibody Baseplate – Lightweight injected V-shaped baseplate with a "rod" of edge-to-edge contact reduces the binding's footprint across the board. This creates a more natural and even board flex with improved lateral mobility for presses and turning power.
  • SubBase Pad – 3D EVA and rubber fill the lifted corners of the baseplate for cushioning. This creates the smoothest side-to-side flex while allowing for a dampening barrier between the baseplate and topsheet of the snowboard.
  • Mob Ultralight Highback – Slightly shorter and rounded near the top for a skateboarding feel that is lighter and flexible. Designed for freestyle and urban riding.
  • Cant-In-The-Back – This Rome exclusive technology that allows riders to adjust the side-to-side angle of the highbacks. Riders with narrower stances should try 0 or 3 degrees of canting, whereas wider stances should try (up to) 6 degrees. The angle will keep your highbacks in line with your lower legs for optimal comfort, flex and board-control.
  • Full Highback Rotation – Allows riders to adjust highback position to match their stance ankles and their personal styles. Full range from 0 degrees to 24 degrees.
  • Tool-Free Highback Forward Lean Adjuster – Quick and easy control over your forward lean.
  • Contour Boss.2 Ankle Strap – A low-profile, bulk-free lightweight design. Using high-conforming, temperature resistant foams, Rome created a form-fitting 3D strap that nests into the ankle of the boot for comfort.
  • ConformGrip Toe Strap – A low-pressure, low-profile strap offering a secure fit to any boot.
  • Multiple Strap Positions – Every Rome binding comes with 3 or more strap positions so you can customize the level of strap support you want.
  • Quick Adjust for Strap Length – No need for a screwdriver, with the flip of a lever you can choose the length you want/need for a perfect fit.
  • Yes, I Cant System – 0-Degrees or 2.5-degrees binding footbeds for power over your tip and tail and customized knee comfort.

2016 Rome Mob Boss Snowboard Bindings


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